50 Things To Do With Fresh Sorrel

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I have these leaves growing in the garden and on the allotment. They survive all weathers, you get crop after crop, but what to do with them? Look for the Woody Allen reference in the article.

small leaf sorrel

50 Things To Do With Fresh Sorrel | Chocolate & Zucchini

Barrel Aged Cocktails taste the oak notes

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There you are thinking your cocktails quickly and freshly delivered from the bar to the lips. This time they’ve sat in a wooden barrel for at least six weeks, or longer.

Aged Cocktails Gain in Popularity – NYTimes.com

The Kids Are Home, Hide the Veggies

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The Kids Are Home, Hide the Veggies! « Eclectic Edibles.

Worth reading, see link above. I liked the phrase “Here’s a radical thought: don’t hide children’s vegetables. Instead, let’s serve them well-cooked, healthy vegetables and then, like adults, make sure they eat them.”

Here is a top tip from someone I know we runs a successful day nursery for kids whilst there parents go out to work. Kids will eat anything if it cut up small enough. Having seen his shopping those kids are getting lots of fresh organic veg & fruit.


Tasty tofu & tempeh

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Outsource your blogging to someone else, especially if you don’t feel up to typing thoughts for reasons of tiredness, laziness and forgetfullness. Did a bit of teaching of “Tofu and Tempeh” – those versatitle soya products that orginated in the East.

It’s reported here Cracking Cooks: GUEST BLOG: Tasty tofu & tempeh. Two top tips about tofu…One, there is no tradition of tofu in the West so you can create and flavour it how you want. You are never going to shock anyone. Two, it’s about water content in the tofu. You either want it in – soft cheesecake or cold with grated ginger and scallions, or you want it out – crispy, chewy and chunky.





Sensible snacking

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Always enjoy these sessions with the seniors. They are a lively bunch and always ask good questions. Then off I ramble with some story about the food. The last event was blogged by Avril who did most of the cooking whilst I did the spiel. See the link below

Cracking Cooks: GUEST BLOG: Sensible snacking.

Who’s been eating all the pies?

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An online survey of 25,000 supporters by NHS Choices has revealed who really has been tucking into the pies.

The top 10 teams with a percentage of overweight fans are:

1 Stockport County 61.3%
2 Rotherham United 58.3%
3 Hereford United 57.9%
4 Macclesfield Town 57.8%
5 Cheltenham Town 57.5%
6 Plymouth Argyle 56.8%
7 Southend United 56.7%
8 Hull City 55.4 %
9 Millwall 54.5%
10 Coventry City 53.5%

via Millwall – Who’s been eating all the pies?.

The healthiest in the survey, and it is only a survey is fans of QPR.

Disappearing Damsons

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damson fruit should be shown

Damsons spotted in New Mills

In conversation t’other day and bemoaning that we never see white blanched celery anymore. The list grew into where are the damsons? What happened to fresh yellow flesh grapefruit everything is pink these days? When did you last see bilberries, or iceberg lettuce?

Next day I was in New Mills, Derbyshire. A pretty little stone built town in the hills. There on a market stall outside the local Spar shop amidst the peppers and potatoes were damsons, and yellow grapefruit. Possibly my shop local policy has me thinking that varieties don’t exist commercially anymore when actually they are still on sale.